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University Town is a beautifully designed and well thought out society with an astounding view of the capital of Pakistan added with the wholesome scenic beauty it offers grade of excellency to the society. It is a magnificent project.

In comparison to the aesthetic scenes this society provides to that offered by Park View City, a project approved by the Capital Development Authority that is location in the Zone IV of Islamabad and to those in Bahria Enclave which is another conspicuous housing society. They all offer beautiful views but the prices quoted by these societies are rather higher than the affordability of many. University Town offers a possibility for all to afford a comfortable living in the center of a natural environment and spacious green lands.

The beautiful environment along with the provision of all up to date facilities give a value to the society as well as to the areas around it. The countless investment options both in commercial and residential possibilities at a cost effective rate gives an added bonus to the picturesque location of the society. The society poses as an opportunity for families aiming to live and create a home and family in an environment that is both safe, clean and well facilitated.

University Town Islamabad Launch

The housing society project was first introduced in 1992 but the permission for planning and NOCs from different authorities suspended the official launch till 2005.

Owner and developer:

It is the first project launched by Mr.Abdul Aziz Khan who by profession is a professor in Peshawar. He has brought about great efforts in establishing this society with no first hand experience in real estate.

University Town Islamabad Location

University Town Islamabad has a very accessible and accommodating location. It is located on the Kashmir Highway near the Lahore- Islamabad Motorway interchange and is at a distance of five minutes drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. It is conveniently located right next to the Motorway on Srinagar Highway Link Road just before the toll plaza.  The location is much feasible and in close proximity to Islamabad, taking only ten minutes to reach zero point , Islamabad. It falls under the authority of Rawalpindi yet it is near to the sectors I-17, H-17 and G-13 of Islamabad.

University Town enjoys its boundaries with the mega project Eighteen Islamabad and is only at a distance of ten minutes from Blue World City, Top City, Lahore Smart City, Qurtuba City

Total Area & Mouza:

The total area covered by the residential project is 4500 Kanal built on a formerly rural land known as Bajnial District in Rawalpindi.

University Town Islamabad Approvals:

The NOCs issued to the University Town Islamabad is under the Rawalpindi Development Authority. The reference number no. RDA:RDA/MP & TE/F – PHS – 43/1873 dated 9-5-2006. It can be confirmed through their official website.

University Town Islamabad Map:

This housing society is located on the left of the Lahore- Islamabad Motorway before the toll plaza. Map given below.

University Town Islamabad Blocks:

University Town Islamabad has been categorized into 6 blocks alphabetically for the convenience of the residents. Half the blocks are developed while the other half is under development phase.

University Town Islamabad Features:

The society is developed with all modern facilities and centers so that it is a fitting place for people that belong to all of society. Some of the key aspects of University Town Islamabad are as follows:

  1. Gated community
  2. Metro route
  3. Extensive Water Supply
  4. Sewerage Disposal Systems
  5. 72 feet wide Main Boulevard and all roads around 35 feet wide.
  6. Underground Electricity
  7. Sui Gas
  8. Single Entry System Security
  9. Club and Community Centre
  10. Car Parking Area
  11. Jamia Mosque
  12. Sectors
  13. Hospital and Medical Center
  14. Parks and Play Grounds
  15. Mosques and Schools
  16. Commercial Zone
  17. Eateries and Restaurants
  18. Community Center
  19. Sports Auditorium
  20. Public Transport


Development in the University Town has reached around 80%, Blocks A,B and D have been fully developed and many multiple have been given in possession to customers. The other blocks are also under development and will be completed in a very short amount of time.

E block has only a little utility work remaining while C block has 40% work done and is under way earthwork. Block F on the other hand is on its initial development phase.

In blocks A, B and D houses have reached final stages and are occupied by residents that are living a very comfortable life equipped with water, electricity and all other necessities. The roads are smooth and paved and well facilitated parks for the recreation purpose of the resident is also present in all sectors.

The development of E, f and C blocks will take a little around a year or half to be in total. Block E is under heavy construction with the latest machinery and technology, Block c and F will soon follow.


The possession of plots in block A, B and D is immediately offered but for the blocks under development the possession will not be granted till the development is completed by the society. The authority is hopeful that the possession in these two under development blocks will be granted in a matter of a year to one and a half year the same time as given by Gulberg Green to its investors.

University Town Islamabad Prices

University Town Islamabad Residential Prices:

The prices in the society are diverse and differ according to the blocks and their categories, development status and the status of possession. A definite price quote of the plots available in the blocks of this housing project is not yet available but a certain price range demanded by the investors can be stated.

University Town Commercial Prices:

The society has come up with a feasible installment plan for investors intending to buy commercial plots with a down payment of 25%.

Why University Town?

There are certain features that are helpful in deciding why University Town is a good investment opportunity as well as commendable option for residential.

Strong Investment Potential:

University Town has attained all the NOCs and permissions required for planning from all the concerned authorities. The society offers no hassle and is a potential investment.

The appealing location and rates of the project have survived all the rough business of the real estate and the unexpected increase in prices of property due to rising demand only leaves the investors in a position of unexpected profit.

Convenient Transport:

The new Metro Route that is under construction provides a very convenient, safe and economical transport making travelling much more easier. It also poses a connectivity of the housing society to various areas of Islamabad.

Proximity to Islamabad Airport:

The project has a high appeal due to its close proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport and it has also been the reason for various commercial and careers to be initiated in the region.

Tranquil and Bewitching Environment:

The environment of the society has a sense of tranquility and serenity that bewitches the residents to lead a comfortable life in the region.


The housing society is quite promising and poses a great deal of potential both for investors as well as those aiming to reside in the area. The scenic beauty and the location proves to be a high bidding factor for the society. It is a great opportunity for those aiming to build and raise a family in a harmonious environment.

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