Capital Smart City

The goal of Capital Smart City Islamabad is to introduce a unique brand of smart living that combines unrivaled opulence with contemporary conveniences that address a wide range of needs in a perfectly planned neighborhood. We are completely aware of what modern-day residents require from smart homes. They imagine a location that perfectly suits the wants and needs of anyone imagining a tranquil family and social life. Therefore, it is anticipated that Capital Smart City Islamabad will be all of this and much more in a private area.

Owner and Developers of Capital Smart City

CSCI is an initiative that was developed in conjunction with Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.).

About Future Development Holdings (Pvt.)

Another well-known brand in Pakistani real estate development and asset management is Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) or FHDL. Since 1984, the business has been officially recognized as a global corporation by the Companies Ordinance. It aids in the creation of smart communities that will offer their residents a luxurious lifestyle and beneficial contributions. The Lahore-Islamabad Motorway runs through both commercial and residential zones, and FDHL offers a modern way of life in these areas. (M-2). It encompasses the CPEC Route as well.

FDH is one of the leading land planners and resource management organizations working in Pakistan to develop new, best-in-class intelligent urban communities with a focus on providing opulent living while also equating financial obligations.Through significant investments, creative urban planning, and life cycle resource management, FDH creates integrated networks that encompass global supportability gauges with a commitment to quality.

Habib Rafiq Pvt. LTD

For more than 50 years, Habib Rafiq producers have worked in the building and manufacturing industries. 15 years ago, HRL started working in the infrastructure and housing construction industries. And has demonstrated that they are among the finest and most reliable developers on the market.

They have historically played a significant  role in the creation of numerous projects, including Bahria and DHA in Islamabad. Royal Orchard Sahiwal, Royal Orchard Multan, and Royal Orchard Sargodha are successful housing societies that the company has established.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City NOC

A legal housing program, Smart City Project Islamabad’s NOC was authorized by the Rawalpindi Development Authority in September 2019.

None of the numerous home developments near CSC have been given the go-ahead by the relevant RDA. The speed with which Smart City Islamabad was able to receive its NOC says volumes about the legitimacy of the project. Usually, it takes RDA several months to issue a NOC.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Location

The Society is situated close to Islamabad’s New International Airport. The distance from the airport to the metropolis is only 5 to 7 minutes.

The work is being done on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Only 9.2 kilometers separate you from the M-2 Toll Plaza. Furthermore, the eastern route to CPEC gives you entry to the city.

As a result, Islamabad’s Capital City home development is convenient to both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Residents don’t have to deal with any hassle when traveling to the major city.

Capital Smart City

We also deals different projects such as, New City Paradise, Faisal Town Phase 2

Price Plan:

The Price of a 5-Marla Plot will be Approximately 30 to 31 lacs and the Down Payment will be 5.8 Lac.

  • Location (B-17)
  • NOC (Will be Approved as previous Projects)
  • Price 5-Marla (24 to 26 lac) 

Master Plan

 Singapore-based consultancy firm, Surbana Jurong designed the master plan for Capital City Islamabad 2021. The design is proposed by Norman Foster.

The Society’s Master Plan is a cutting-edge design that offers a seamless living setting with sustainable development, cutting-edge infrastructure, and extensive amenities.

With an emphasis on delivering a high quality of life for its citizens through energy efficiency, smart technology, and green areas, the smart city has been created. Residential, business, and industrial areas are all mixed in with recreational and green areas in the master plan.

A wide range of facilities are also available in Capital Smart City, including parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, and medical centers. With a variety of services and facilities, the housing project is intended to be self-sufficient, enabling residents to live, work, and play all in the same location.

Capital Smart City

Overseas Prime II:

Overseas Prime II offers luxurious yet affordable residential plots.

Overseas Prime II Residential Plots:

The residential plots of the following sizes are up for sale:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Capital Smart City Overseas Block Payment Plan

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Residential Overseas Prime Block

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Residential Overseas Prime Block 2

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Residential Overseas Prime Block

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Residential Plots Harmony Park

Capital Smart City Residential

Capital Smart City Residential Smart Villas Executive Block

Capital Smart City Residential

Salient Features of Capital Smart City:

This housing society gives its residents a distinctive and contemporary living experience with cutting-edge amenities. This housing society will become Pakistan’s first Smart City by merging cutting-edge technology and smart features. Following is a list of some of this society’s key characteristics:

  • Eco-Friendly City
  • Advanced Security
  • Green and Clean environment
  • Metro bus system
  • Underground Electricity
  • 24/7 Water, gas & electricity
  • Smart apps i.e. traffic, weather, electricity, internet
  • Hotels, Shopping centers, and Sports clubs
  • Smart and modern Housing plan
  • World Class infrastructure
  • Overseas block
  • Mosques, Parks, lakes
  • Recreational Activities
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Moven Pick hotels & Resorts
  • Designated interchange from M-2
  • Close proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Facilities in Capital Smart City:

The Capital Smart City works to encourage and cultivate strategic growth in the region as well as draw in upcoming investments. In order to maximise efficiency in the lives of its citizens, the concept of a smart city aims to establish a smart radial growth pattern while taking into account the important infrastructure and services integrated.

The following list of significant important elements presented in the housing society includes each element’s attributes as stated by Capital Smart City:


Given that the project is all about a smart economy, the smart city in Islamabad will allow the investors or clients to make enormous profits.


The CSI provides residents with smart residential opportunities by outfitting them with all the most current and cutting-edge amenities.


The Capital Smart City has a modern atmosphere. Residents can enjoy a very contemporary and opulent lifestyle there.

Islamabad’s Capital Smart City satisfies every prerequisite for an alluring smart city, including the following:


By being the first commercial hub in the area and luring foreign companies and investors to invest in the spectacular housing project, the housing society will benefit its people. A range of commercial and service sector job possibilities would also be created by Capital Smart City, improving Pakistan’s economic situation.


The society is built in a way that fosters a robust social environment in the area, allowing residents to enjoy a seductive and tranquil lifestyle and enabling the society to serve as a focal point for commercial, residential, and recreational options.


The goal of Capital Smart City is to develop a sustainable transportation system that will provide a network for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and other people that require mobility. The civilization will implement a cutting-edge, more effective transportation infrastructure.


With the construction of new monuments and the establishment of new religious and cultural facilities, the society will develop into a well-known travel destination for both tourists and locals. Capital Smart City will become a symbol of originality and cultural legacy.


The Capital Smart City master plan is designed in a way that the infrastructure of the community is created to highlight the community’s natural features while making development as environmentally friendly as feasible. One of the key features of this creative housing programme is the advanced solid waste management system that is integrated into society, as well as the adequate supply of water and power.


The society is designed so that protecting natural resources is a top concern and that the surrounding natural regions are not affected. As a result, Capital Smart City develops into a community where its citizens may actually live in a peaceful, quiet environment.


Required Documents for Booking in Overseas Block:

These are the documents that are required for booking a plot in Capital Smart City Overseas block

  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • 2 Photocopies of your NICOP
  • 2 Photocopies of Your next to Kin/ Nominee ID Card
  • Booking amount of the plot


The reputation of the owner and developer is the most crucial factor in whether a housing project succeeds or fails. Given that Habib Rafiq is one of the most reputable names in Pakistani real estate, it is only natural that investors have complete faith in the project. Most of the plots in the community have previously been sold and are currently being resold for a profit.

Both the development and the master plan appear to have great potential and will help Capital Smart City become a very prestigious project. It will be a special and comprehensive bundle for every member of society. There is no doubt that Capital Smart City will be one of a kind and the most effective housing projects in the area with all the enhanced features and amenities.

Considering all the benefits and privileges modern society provides, there is little doubt that investing in it over the short to long term will yield the highest return on investment.

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