Pakistan’s Islamabad’s B-17 society was built by the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). It is a well-known housing society in Islamabad City and is also referred to as B-17 Multi Gardens.

It is situated beneath the Margalla Hills. It is an ideal community that offers its citizens stunning scenery and a tranquil setting. Due to its location and top-notch development, B-17 Islamabad is an excellent investment opportunity in the current real estate market in Islamabad.The people who had previously made investments in the community are now in a better position because society’s costs have increased significantly.

B-17 MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2:

Official Launch:

Multi Gardens was introduced in 2004, however, the society has a long history dating back to the introduction of its first housing project, Islamabad Gardens, in E-11/3 in 1989 and E-11/1 in 2001. Around the same period as this project, ICHS Town has also introduced Layout designs for the society must be approved in accordance with the Capital Development Authority’s detailed rules and regulations (CDA).


Zone II of the Islamabad Capital Territory includes the newly emerging sector B-17. The society is placed so that it touches both the Peshawar-Islamabad M-1 motorway and the GT Road on opposite sides. Only a few kilometers separate the sector from the Islamabad International Airport and housing communities including Blue World City, University Town, and Kingdom Valley.

Tagine Marketing is the Marketing Partner of B-17 MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 and Nova City Islamabad

NOC  OF This B-17 MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2

B17 Multi Gardens NOC:

B-17 has a no objection certificate (NOC) from the CDA that was given to MPCHS for sector B-17 on January 30, 2018, and it also has a NOC from the Federal Directorate of Education for the development of schools in the community. On the CDA’s official website, you may verify the NOC information for this housing project.
Every residential society must acquire NOC because it raises the likelihood of its dependability and profitability. One of Pakistan’s top and legal housing developments is DHA Multan

Price Plan:

The Price of a 5-Marla Plot will be Approximately 30 to 31 lacs and the Down Payment will be 5.8 Lac.

  • Location (B-17)
  • NOC (Will be Approved as previous Projects)
  • Price 5-Marla (24 to 26 lac) 




MPCHS Phase II Location

Multigardens Phase II Payment Plan

Multi Gardens Phase II Payment Plan
MPCHS Multigardens phase 2 5 marla payment plan
MPCHS Multigardens phase 2 8 marla payment plan
MPCHS Multigardens phase 2 10 marla payment plan
MPCHS Multigardens phase 2 14 marla payment plan
MPCHS Multigardens phase 2 1 Kanal payment plan
MPCHS Multigardens phase 2 2 Kanal payment plan

The Question Now is, What Are You Waiting for?

Total Area

Multi Gardens was introduced in 2004 in Islamabad’s CDA neighborhood, covering more than 16000 Kanal of the Margalla Hills. The A-17, B-17, and B-18 sectors have designated regions in the B-17 Islamabad society.

Access Point

The Main GT road, which leads to Peshawar, provides access to the project. It has two gates on the main road, A & B. This project’s designated interchange from the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M 1) to the G block has also received FWO approval and will be built soon. Additionally, there are plans to connect an expressway to Islamabad’s F-10 neighborhood. The quickest route from society to Islamabad will be provided by this approximately 9 kilometers long, signal-free road.

Map of B-17 Islamabad

To help you understand the project better, the sector map is included below. Its masterful layout makes it one of the largest schemes in the MPCHS region.

Best Housing Project for Investment in 2022?

  • Capital Smart City
  • Blue World City
  • Park View City
  • University Town
  • ICHS Town
  • Faisal Hills


The housing development provides its residents with top-notch amenities, cutting-edge design, and a safe environment in which to raise a family. Both Lahore Smart City and Park View Villas provide their residents all the essential modern conveniences. The following is a list of some of the few amenities in Multi Garden b-17 Islamabad:

  • 24/7 Water
  • Underground electricity & Sui gas
  • Mosque, Community center, Sport Clubs
  • Medical center
  • Police station
  • Lake
  • Water Filtration plant
  • Playground, Parks, Jogging tracks
  • Hotels & Commercial center
  • Recreational centers
  • Shopping malls & Food Street
  • Fuel Filling station
  • Schools/colleges & Universities

Project Details

The B-17 Multi Gardens Society spans the sectors A 18, B-17, and B-18, covering a total area of about 16000 square feet. The entire territory is divided into blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, and each block of the society offers residential and commercial plots measuring 5, 8, 10, and 1 and 2 kanals.

Maps of the block in B17:

To help you comprehend all the sections in this sector, we are attaching the master plan maps of each block down below.

B-17 Islamabad Prices

In the A, B, C, D, and Eon resale areas, various plot sizes are available. However, the F block of the society offers a four-year instalment plan, and the prices are increased by 20% as a result of the market’s ongoing profit rates. Despite the fact that all of the plots in the society have already been sold, the revised prices will still be used for any additional blocks that the society’s administrators decide to issue. By reducing the instalment amounts, the society has lengthened the time frame for paying off previous reservations. Blocks of plot files are available for reservation.

Development Work:

Numerous people in the area have been interested in the most recent changes to the housing society. With around 700–800 dwellings already built and occupied, the project is practically complete. All of the societal blocks are connected by a vast network of carpeted roads.

Blocks A, B, C, D, E, and F have all undergone completion, and residents now call them home. The newest block in the society is Block G, and just a small amount of development activity has begun there. Of files are reserved according to first-come, first-served order.

In MPCHS, voting has always taken place after a period of two instalments, therefore the newest G Block was anticipated to follow suit. The block’s second instalment was scheduled to be released in January 2022.

In order to draw more people to it, the society has worked tirelessly on its development and has supplied world-class infrastructure.

Investment Perspective in MPCHS:

The society is a fantastic potential for investment, and all the building elements can be taken into account for a decent return on investment. However, because the costs are so low there and the development potential is so great, we strongly suggest you to invest in recently announced blocks. If you’re on a tight budget, G Block is the best choice because the charges are incredibly reasonable and are spread out over time.

The potential for profit margin in society is enormous. The best choice for you, if your budget is a little greater, is to invest in the F block; plots are available on an instalment basis, and possession is given right away.

As you can see from the accompanying chart, despite the challenging market conditions facing the real estate sector in 2022, the price index for 5 Marla plots has increased over the past few months. The society is one that has a lot of potential and will return investors’ money well in a short period of time. Prices in this community are comparable to those in Park View City and Taj Residencia, but the project’s worth is far more stable and lucrative.

How to Book your Plot in B-17:

You can easily book your plot in B-17 by contacting Tagine Marketing. You can reach us at  0318-8888999 or visit our office at  Tagine Marketing, 5th Floor, Mehmood Plaza, A K M Fazal Haq Rd, Blue Area, Islamabad. We will make sure to find the best property according to your requirement in the lowest prices offered in the market.

Why Invest in B-17 Multi-Gardens?

One of the most prosperous housing developments in Islamabad’s CDA sector is the Multi-Professional Co-operative Housing Society. The society offers countless investment prospects, and because of its prime position, viability, high level of development, and high profit margin, it is appropriate for both long- and short-term investments. Let’s go through some of the main reasons why purchasing multiple gardens is a wise decision.

Safe investment

The project’s rapid growth has been successful in attracting investors’ attention and has established it as one of the safest investment opportunities. Because the NOC has been authorised and there are no legal issues, investing in CDA sectors is risk-free. These elements have made the area very appealing to buyers and sellers who are genuinely interested in working on the project.


The most important selling element for this housing society is location. The society has received approval from FWO for a designated interchange straight from the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway, just like Capital Smart City. It is located precisely halfway between the GT Road and Islamabad-Lahore Motorway interchanges.

Additionally, it touches the Margalla Road, which is a portion of the road that encircles the New Islamabad International Airport, from one side. Genuine purchasers consider the area when choosing where to invest or dwell for residential purposes; this community offers a terrific option.

While those interested in relocating think about things like amenities, whether or not schools, colleges, hospitals, and markets are nearby or if the housing society will be within a short commute of their place of employment, investors make predictions about the returns they will receive and when they will receive them. This housing society provides all of these benefits, which makes the project an excellent choice for homebuyers and investors.

Quality Development

The quick and sophisticated evolution of society is another crucial factor. The housing society’s management is adamant about delivering an excellence-driven development in a condensed amount of time.

The housing society has all the amenities that this opulent housing project requires, including water, electricity, and gas in addition to the remaining modern conveniences.

Reasonable Prices

The sector’s demand for real estate surged significantly as a result of the factors mentioned above, and prices followed suit. More sincere investors became interested in the project as a result of the increase in prices in the area since the previous year.

Due to the size of the development, the allure of the location, and the initial price competitiveness, the recently opened G block is the most active in the industry.

Compatible Plot Sizes

The most well-liked and in-demand plot sizes in the sector are the easily-tradeable 5-marla and 7-marla alternatives. Both of these land sizes are suitable for both developing an investment and a family home. The most sought-after commercial land sizes are 4050 and 4060.

How to transfer plot in MPCHS?

The files for plots in the sector can easily be transferred from one owner to another. You can quickly obtain ownership of your plot by visiting the society’s main headquarters, which is located in the G-8 sector. You can transfer your plot on the same day for a little transfer fee and the agreement of both parties.

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