Park view city Islamabad

Parkview City offers an excellent environment with unique modern amenities at a beautiful location. Located in the heart of Islamabad it is a very secure residential commercial and real estate masterpiece. Which will promise you and your family a secure environment as well as an opportunity to live a beautiful and attractive lifestyle. Situated in the heart of Islamabad at the best and beautiful location, this society holds its own and provides a very beautiful platform to its customers. It is a residential and commercial space as well as a beautiful and prominently located housing society with all lifestyle amenities are available. Moving on, we will see how Park view city Islamabad is different from all other housing societies.

Park view city owner and developer

Parkview City Islamabad has already made its mark due to the best technological modern facilities.

Park view city NOC

Parkview City is approved by Islamabad Capital Development Authority and get its NOC from (CDA).

Parkview City Islamabad map

Parkview City is located at a great location along with other amenities. If we talk about its exact location.

project details

Park view city Islamabad

Parkview City is divided into different blocks due to its prominent features. These blocks are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and J K. Two separate blocks are introduced with the name of Golf estate and overseas block. These blocks are divided on the base of different marlas plots. These blocks consist of residential plots in which 3.5 marla, 5 Marla , 8 marla 10 marla to 1 kanal. Each block is more than one in terms of beauty. If we talk about blocks A and B it is 5 Marla 10 marla ga and consists of one kanal plot.


After that comes the turn of J block which consists of large plots of 8 and 10 Marla. This block is organized in a beautiful and elegant way with big blocks on one side for such architecture. If we talk about beauty, the mention of F block comes prominently, which has huge plots of 10 marla and 1 kanal. This block is connected with a botanical garden as well as a grand paradise garden which offers a very beautiful and attractive view.


Next comes the block, which not only stands out in terms of beauty, but is also two minutes away from the major street. Similarly, a block of golf estates has been created in Parkview City Islamabad which is only for those people who have interest in sports and other activities.


This blog is for those who engage themselves in sports and other activities and force themselves into the ground with high satisfaction. A block in Parkview City Islamabad has also been reserved for Overseas. This country is also named the overseas block and all the facilities in it are for people who travel to this country from abroad. These overseas blocks are only for overseas people who have a very different lifestyle from our people and can enjoy the best features here.

Park view city Masterplan

The master plan of Parkview City Islamabad is also like a society which is built according to the guidelines of the community if we look at the map of Park view city Islamabad. There are many blocks visible in the map and all of them are shown to the society along with the best architecture by the effort of developers. This map is beautifully designed in such a way that all the blocks are united and all the blocks are masterpieces of modern architecture. All the departments are prominently displayed in the building and it is clear that all the blocks are based on modern architecture.

Park view city Payment Plan

In park view city Islamabad payment plan consistent on 1 Year, 2 year and 2.5 Year plans. These annual plans consist of plot size including membership fee as well as 25 off on downtown payments.

The one Year plan consists of 4 quarterly payments procedures while the 2 year payment plan has 6 quarterly payments procedures, the same as 1 kanal plots has 8 quarterly payments installments. The payment plan is different for each block.

Just as the blocks are divided based on different features, the payment plan is also calculated differently. The main reason why Parkview City Islamabad Payment Bank is different is the prominent features of their blocks. Similarly, the payment plan is divided according to Marla’s 3.5, 5, 8 10, 1 kanal etc.

Feature and amenities

Even if we talk about features, Parkview City Islamabad is very different from all
other societies in provides the following features in one place.

Zoo and parks

Entertainment is very important for children and adults. That's why zoo and parks were interviewed in Parkview City Islamabad which provided entertainment for children and adults. Similarly, this very beautiful environment has been created within the society in the form of zoo and park

Commercial walk

Health plays a very important role for every human being so a commercial walk is made for walking. Which is also a big initiative for people of society.

IMAX cinema

A very beautiful cinema is also established in the society for the enjoyment of the people .

Clubs and commercial

If we talk about it now, it should be moved there. Apart from this, sports facilities have also been given, in which cricket, table tennis and other facilities have been added to the ground. This is not only for those who are more interested in sports but also all those who are bored in life can enjoy it here. Sports are essential as well as a part of human life


Hospitals play an important role in saving human life, so why talk about setting up a hospital in society with all the facilities in a comfortable environment as well as beautiful and high modern practices and technology. The hospital is equipped with modern machinery as well as the best and latest technology with highly talented staff doctor and nurse's


As we know that education plays an important role in our life. A school has also been set up in park view city Islamabad which provides good education for children and is very prominent and special under the supervision of excellent teachers.

Other facilities

If we talk about other facilities, the mosque Electricity Gas Water Besides load shedding free zone also tradition all electricity history is passed underground so that there is no danger. Improvement staff has been hired for security. The press site is monitored 24 hours with the help of card and CCTV cameras. Model infrastructure has been role modeled in the construction and development and the best apartments have been developed besides the Garden Estates and Overseas Blocks have been beautifully designed. Building houses in a modern way and research and development on modern architecture is seen first. Apart from this, the formation of golf estate and Overseas Block also a good feature

Golf estate and Overseas Block

These two new blocks have been introduced in Parkview City Islamabad, which has been a huge development of modern architecture. To provide an environment for people who run away from noise and dust. The Overseas Block was created to provide an environment where people from outside are a little different from our lifestyle and can enjoy their overseas characteristics here.Therefore, both of them were given a lot of importance

Park view city overseas block payment plan

Overseas is specially designed for overseas people to cater to all their basic needs and is built on a modern infrastructure base.

If we talk about the prices of plots in it, its payment plan tells us that .Rates are different for 5, 10 and 1 kanal plots According to the payment plan, the price of the five marla plot is 70 lakhs While the price of a ten marla plot is one crore three lakhs And the price of one Kanal plot at Rs 3 crore, It is an eight-quarter installment with a 25 percent down town fee payment included. In short if possible overseas block is a very beautiful and very luxurious block with all facilities provided.

How To book plot in park view city Islamabad

Booking a plot is very easy. Booking is on first come first served basis if you want to take it, first go and meet the manager Choose the size and tell the manager your payment plan
After explaining the installation line, the manager will get you the one you have to decide and attach the necessary documents with it.
You will have to fill in the form, provide a photocopy of your CNIC or NICOP, a copy of your nominee’s ID card, and 2 passport size photos. Pay that demand draft then assets manager will guide you how to proceed next.

Pros & cons of Park view city Islamabad

If we talk about the benefits PVC has excellent feature these are some

following characteristics of PVC Islamabad which are mention bellow one by one.

Pros Cons
Ideal location:If we talk about its location, it is just a 5 minutes away from Kashmir highway and also returns from Bani Gala on the other side, so it is a very beautiful and excellent location.
Prices are so high:Plot price here is higher than other housing societies One of the reasons why the price of plots here is higher than the rest of the society is that many good facilities are being whitened here and its location is very good, due to which the price of plots here is higher than the other
Commercial area:It facilitates all the necessities of life. Here is the source of employment for all the people and also fulfills all the necessities of life for the residents. Commercial area Contains brands where the best and better quality products are available.
Slow development process:It is also another disadvantage that the development work is going on very slowly here. Due to the slowness of working, some development works are still incomplete here Parkview City is also looking to incorporate and expand its development functions.
Successful development:It has been developed in a modern way and follows a very model infrastructure and is built under a one thing plan. Each item is research and development designed and standardized and monitored under the best team. Keeping in mind the modern era, all the blocks have underground electricity, gas and all the requirements fire free and made with proper check and balance. Under the supervision of the best engineers, good and beautiful wide roads have been constructed which are not only beautiful to look at but also very carpeted and well furnished.
Allegation about NOcAnother issue that has come up is that people in Parkview City are facing problems even getting NOC.For this, park view city Islamabad was formed in the management of the people who are engaged in the work to solve these problems and the majority of the people have been declared.
Larger plot dimensions:A very important feature that is kept in this society is that houses of very large dimensions can be built here. If you have a large family, you can buy a house of large dimensions with you. Large canal houses can be designed as you wish, in which your bungalow and outdoor garden can be built easily. Large and open wide roads will make it easy to identify all the amenities to your homes. This way you can build a perfect house with all the amenities and a complete style of a big house in one block in the same society. Parkview City Islamabad is also giving you the facility to build as grand a state as you want.
Overseas block of Park View City :Overseas Block of the Park View City is the newest block of this captivating home striving which is given that everybody’s wants. From housing and manufacturing plots into classic bedsits to lodges this society impulse stimulating desirability for everybody. The presently going to start is based on worldwide values to fulfill all of the housing necessities for overseas Pakistani. This cube is much hurled at the preparation of overseas Pakistanis that are penetrating for a uniqueness, understanding and a safe place to buying Pakistan


It is a very good project to be built according to the modern age with the passage of time human needs are also changing, hence the prominent features and its beauty and well-furnished design makes it very different from the rest. It fulfills all the basic needs and has the highest level of infrastructural development and beauty. It has good houses, good apartments, big roads and all the facilities, commercial electricity and all small and big needs, ground and sports. According to the modern requirements, the houses are built with good maintenance and all the things that people need are taken care.


Thus, what makes it unique from all other societies is that it is designed in a fantasy-like way and it has all the things that are seen in today's era. If you look at the architectural style, the apartments here are designed like this they look beautiful and provide more satisfaction than other If we look further, here the major roads, wide roads and many facilities like security, water, electricity, gas, mosques and all the things that should be in a good society have been developed in a manner of speaking. If you look at Block here, we are very small employees and can do everything to big houses, which not only accepts all the government of society but also all the things that come today.


In today's era, people want only one society. To say it in a few words it is unique and wonderful. It has all the amenities along with all the luxury lifestyle that everyone can't deserve. So if we say that PVC is a luxury housing society within itself is perfect that make it better than other.

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