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Amongst the countless developmental approaches and ideas, one such idea has been pitched by Nova City developers. They are no newcomers and have stepped into the city of Islamabad after the widely accepted and highly successful New City Taxila. They have turned their attention to the city of Islamabad and are all set to start a new and rising housing project to create a new city. Nova is loosely interpreted to be a rising star. And the Nova City developers aim to build a housing society that is up to the mark when compared to their market competitors. The developing industry is new as opposed to their competitors who have been in the race for years. The Nova City Developers are aiming to provide an upgraded lifestyle to the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

About developers

Nova City Developers are responsible for the construction and infrastructure of this elegant project. They are known for their superb quality architecture and development. As famous as they are, they will surely live up to everyone’s expectations.


The Nova City is all set to be located in a location that is near the New Islamabad International Airport and along the route for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor route. There are a few nearby villages that are connected to the city by the main road of Bongo Kanial that leads right to the main gate of the city. It is a mere distance of 15 minutes from the sector G-11 and G-13 while an additional 10 minutes when traveling from F-10 to Nova City. The Nova City Islamabad will have access to Kohat, Dera Ismail Khan, Peshawar, Swabi, and Lahore once it is completed. Furthermore, the Nova City Interchange on the Rawalpindi Ring Road has been approved and is scheduled to be finished within the next 2 to 3 years.

To reach Nova City you have to travel through Mumtaz City, then onto the Fateh Jung Road, and finally, get off at the CPEC Interchange which is under construction.

This project to be is situated in close proximity to 3 Dams:

  • Rama Dam
  • Kasana Dam
  • Sapiala Dam
Nova City Location Map

No Object Certificate (NOC)

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) will be achieved by Nova City in a very short span of time. The NOC will clear any doubts that you have regarding the authenticity of this extraordinary project. The Diary Number of the society has been set. It will legalize this prestigious society so that you have no second thoughts about whether or not Nova City is original. A bond of mutual trust and friendship will be established between the developers and the investors.

Nova City promises a secure and reliable future and a safe investment for investors. The prices have already increased due to the popularity and success of Nova City.


The Nova City Islamabad is closely accessible by not just people from Attock and Islamabad but is also an attraction from people that are frequent travelers and business community that are dependent on the close proximity of an airport can also be at relative ease as the Islamabad International Airport is just a few minutes away and the frequent travelers will not have to worry about long commutes and traffic jams or the fear of being unable to catch their flight can also be permanently erased. The upgraded construction and excellent development is also enough to pique the interest of overseas Pakistanis and foreigners alike that are looking for sustainable and affordable living while getting the benefits of a well-constructed and planned community.

Nova City has all the accessibilities and facilities that the citizens of any city would require. The accessibility of Nova City can be listed as below:

  • Besides the CPEC route
  • Meets the Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Touching the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange
  • Almost 3 min drive away from Kanial, Rawalpindi
  • Almost 6 min drive away from Bango, Attock
  • 8 min drive away from N-80, Qutbal, Attock
  • 9 min drive away from Dhok Korak, Attock
  • 21 min drive away from New Islamabad International Airport
  • 25 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
  • 26 min drive away from Islamabad
  • 31 min drive away from Rawalpindi

And the nearby places of the Nova City are also well established and pre settled areas such as Islamabad. Other areas that are nearby land of the new developing city project are:

  1. Rawalpindi
  2. Islamabad
  3. Fateh Jhang
  4. Capital Smart City
  5. M2 Motorway
  6. Attock
  7. Mumtaz City
  8. CPEC route
  9. Rawalpindi Ring Road
  10. CPEC-Ring Road Interchange
  11. N-80
  12. New Islamabad International Airport
  13. Top City-1

Payment Plans

These places are making the now developing Nova City an even finer specimen for investment as well as for the purpose of living. And the city has accommodation of different sizes to suit the needs and purpose of the customers. The residential plots available in Nova City are of the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla (125 square yards)
  • 8 Marla (200 square yards)
  • 10 Marla (250 square yards)
  • 14 Marla (350 square yards)
  • 1 Kanal (500 square yards)
  • 2 Kanal (1000 square yard)

The new construction payment plan in its pre-launch phase is divided into easy installments according to the size of the plot and the time period required by the customer to complete the purchase process. The payment plan can be explained through the following points.

The payment plan is divided into 2 categories, one allows you to pay your installments monthly while the other allows you to pay up yearly.

5 Marla:

The 5 Marla plots price is Rs.2,475,000/.

  • Down payment is Rs 495,000/-. This is also known as the booking and confirmation price.
  • Monthly Installments: 40 monthly installments of Rs 19,900/-.
  • Yearly Installments: 8 equal yearly installments of Rs 67,563/-
  • On Possession: An amount of Rs 643,500/- is to be paid on possession.

8 Marla:

The 8 Marla plots price is Rs.3,670,000/-

  • Down payment is Rs. 734,000/,
  • Monthly Installments: 40 monthly installments of Rs.28,000/-.
  • Yearly Installments: 8 equal yearly installments of Rs.112,313/-.
  • On Possession: An amount of Rs.917,500/- is to be paid on possession.

10 Marla:

The 10 Marla plots price is Rs.4,450,000/

  • Down payment is Rs. 890,000/.
  • Monthly Installments: 40 monthly installments of Rs.40,000/-.
  • Yearly Installments: 8 equal yearly installments of Rs.105,938/-.
  • On Possession: An amount of Rs.1,112,500 /- is to be paid on possession

14 Marla:

The 14 Marla plots price is Rs.6,125,000/

  • Down payment is Rs. 1,225,000/.
  • Monthly Installments: 40 monthly installments of Rs.45,000/-.
  • Yearly Installments: 8 equal yearly installments of Rs.196,094/-.
  • On Possession: An amount of Rs.1,531,250/- is to be paid on possession

1 Kanal:

The 1 Kanal plots price is Rs.8,800,000/

  • Down payment is Rs. 1,760,000/.
  • Monthly Installments: 40 monthly installments of Rs.75,000/-.
  • Yearly Installments: 8 equal yearly installments of Rs.230,000 /-.
  • On Possession: An amount of Rs.2,200,000 /- is to be paid on possession.
Nova Payment Plan

Terms and Conditions:

 The terms and conditions for the payment plan can be concluded as:

  1. Category plots would be subjected to 10% of the above-mentioned prices as the above-mentioned plan is for non-category plots.
  2. The prices can change without any prior notice.
  3. The development charges are included in the above-mentioned prices.
  4. The pay order would be in the favor of Nova City Developers.
  5. The prices can be changed after the launch of the project as well as after development.
  6. The customer has to pay ten percent confirmation charges in 45 days.

Facilities & Features:

The Nova City Developers provide numerous facilities and amenities for the people. Some of them can be mentioned as:


Among the most needed facilities, the facility of the mosque is essentially made part of the master plan so that the residents may develop and maintain a strong relationship with the creator of the whole universe. A beautiful mosque will be built in the society for the residents with the plan of magnificent architecture.

Secure Community:

A sense of safety and security is necessary for the residents to feel all the time, may it be day or night because all that matters at the end of the day are safe. A person is possessive about the safety of the family and if society is not safe then no resident or investor will be interested to invest in the society.

Security guards, CCTV cameras, and a central security command center will be established to maintain strict and high-standard security for the sake of the safety of the residents.

Spacious Roads:

The roads, streets, and main-boulevard are designed to provide a safe and spacious commute for the residents. The roads and streets are laid with high-tech security and street light systems. Such advancements and innovations make it even more attractive for investors. the roads are smooth and spacious to improve the quality of the commute and the access of the residents.

Parks and Zoo:

Society has taken care of all the needs of families and children living within the premises. For this purpose, the developers have included a well-planned zoo and public lush green parks that will provide a green, fresh, and eco-friendly environment to the people living in Nova City.

Healthcare Facilities:

Society is going to provide all the world-class medical and health care facilities to the residents. Clinics and hospitals will provide all the high0tech health care and emergency facilities with high-professional doctors and para-medic staff.

Water, Electricity, Gas and Basic Necessities:

The availability of running water throughout the day and week is one of the most important and needed facilities by the residents. There will be no water shortage as the developers have put in water storage of their own along with the connection provided to them by the development authority. The power outages will no longer be a part of the lives of people residing in the vicinity as there will be a 24/7 electric supply. The abundance of natural gas in the pipes would make it easy for the children to forget about all the deliveries and takeouts they are missing out and within no time there will be the opening of every fast food restaurant popular in Islamabad to make it easy for children to ease their cravings for fast foods.

School and Colleges:

The availabilities of colleges and schools would make it easier and education would be more accessible for students and parents would not have to go through tremendous hard work and long commutes to get their children to school and from school on time. The secured streets and gated community allow the parents to ensure the safety of their children without having them cooped up inside their houses all the tie.

Daily Life Made Simple:

Physical exercises and play would no longer be a threat to their children’s safety. Grocery and daily commodities would be easily available and therefore the hassle of going to and fro the nearest landmark would be greatly reduced.

Why Invest in Nova City:

Nova City is an ideal location for living and investment with the only drawback of the perception of being far from the main city. This perception too would be removed once the development has been completed and people are starting to flock to the area. Then the newly constructed project of Nova City would not seem as far as it does now in its pre-launch phase. And contrary to this one drawback, there are numerous advantages and things to look forward to when reviewing Nova City Project.

The patch of land that Nova City has acquired for its project is like sitting on top of a gold mine. Once the Rawalpindi Ring Road is constructed the prices in this particular area are going to rise by leaps and bounds. An investment here would give you high returns and profits in the future. Not only will this society hold importance in terms of a residential area but it will also become a business hub. The development of the CPEC will provide the project with a huge amount of business. In total the development of Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC is a huge advantage for Nova City Islamabad. Existing plot holders would, in the future, be able to sell their plots at a premium and earn unimaginable profits.

As mentioned above the only drawback is that it is a little further away from the main city but in the future, this distance will be minimized by the construction of the Ring Road. Then Nova City would have earned a prime location that will be reachable and easily accessible by everyone. The facilities and amenities offered by the developers are without doubt improve the living standards of the people. They aim to provide an upgraded but affordable lifestyle to everyone. For this very purpose, the developers have set up two kinds of payment plans keeping in view the pockets of an ordinary man.

Now you might be wondering how profitable Nova City actually is?

During its pre-launch phases, the price for a 5 Marla plot was almost Rs 2,000,000. In only a short time period of 1 month, its prices have jumped by a margin of almost Rs 500,000 bringing the total price of the particular plot to an estimate of Rs 2,500,000. This example shows you just how advantageous and beneficial Nova City will prove to be in the times ahead. It will not only be a great place to live but also a great place to invest.

Why Invest With Tagine?

Tagine Marketing is your friend and your ally. We aim to provide you with the best possible offers so that you can be satisfied with your investments. If you want to invest with us we would suggest that you do so in plots of sizes  10 Marla and 1 Kanal. These plots are much more profitable than any other in society. The smaller plots are much more liquid-able but not as much profit. Just to clear it all up files of all these plots are considered their liquidity.

We at Tagine provide you with both short-term as well as long-term profits!!!. If a client chooses to buy or invest in multiple plots for example 20 plots or so then we can promise a return of almost 10 % of the amount. The long-term return can go as high as 15 %. We have the best Returns on Investments as compared to any other company in the market and with this prestigious project known as Nova City, we can bestow you with roundabout 1-3% profits per investment.

“We do this because you securing your future is our priority!”

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q. What is the status of Nova City’s NOC?

Nova City’s NOC is under process, it has been given its diary number which means that it will soon be granted. Once The NOC is in its hand it will become a 100% legal housing society.

Q. Is it Legal ?

Yes!!! Nova City is legal. It will receive its NOC soon.

Q. Is it affordable ?

Yes! Nova City has an affordable payment plan which enables anyone to purchase and build their own houses and fulfill their dreams.

Q. Is it profitable?

During its pre-launch phases, the price for a 5 Marla plot was almost Rs 2,000,000. In only a short time period of 1 month, its prices have jumped by a margin of almost Rs 500,000 bringing the total price of the particular plot to an estimate of Rs 2,500,000. This example is just to show you how advantageous and beneficial Nova City will prove to be in the times ahead. It will not only be a great place to live but also a great place to invest.


It might seem like a far-off dream but Nova City would be up and running in a matter of years and it might be the next hub of the city. It has all the features to become a rising star and there will be no doubt that the genius minds behind the project have been able to deliver their promises with no lack. To sum it up, Nova City is the best place to invest and reside with your family. It offers state-of-the-art facilities so that you have the best life possible. In addition to this, it will become one of the most prestigious housing projects ever to be seen in Islamabad.

If you want to know more about Real-Estate, visit us at Tagine Marketing

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