CDA SECTOR B-17 Multi Gardens MPCHS, Islamabad – Location, Payment Plan, and NOC (2021 Updated)

About B-17

B 17 Islamabad is Islamabad’s one of the most recently developed sectors that have emerged impeccably. The new development is the work of the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society shortly known as MPCHS. Formerly their work can be seen in sector E 11 where they have done a tremendous job in forming a society for people complete with all the facilities required by people to have a comfortable living. Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society has aimed to provide a habitation where comfort and style go together.  B-17 is a similarly planned sector with immense capability and capacity to be able to house occupants situated east on N-5 National Highway also known as the Grand Trunk Road. As the name suggests it is under the approval and direction of the Capital Development Authority. The Capital Development Authority regulates the maintenance and the necessary facilities such as water, gas, and electricity. The essential facilities are guarded and provided by the development authority.  The green landscapes and picturesque scenes in this sector are in complete harmony with the beauty of the city it is situated in.

Launch Date

B 17 Multi Gardens’ official launch date was somewhere in 2004. This wasn’t the only society launched at the time. Their other housing projects by the same owners and developers launched their first-ever housing project by the name of Islamabad Gardens in 1989 and E-11/1 in 2001. All the societies and their layout plans and infrastructure were by the rules and restrictions of CDA (Capital Development Authority Islamabad).

Location and Blocks

B-17 is situated at a distance of a few minute’s drive from the New Islamabad International Airport making the sector a prime location for investment and residence. B-17 poses to be a great area for people of all communities can live with a sense of safety and security. B-17 offers quite a few opportunities such as residential plots and houses, apartment buildings, commercial plazas. There are multiple blocks constructed in B-17.  B-17 is currently divided into seven blocks that are alphabetically ordered. The blocks are:


  1. Block A
  2. Block B
  3. Block C
  4. Block C-1
  5. Block D
  6. Block E
  7. Block F
  8. Block G has been launched recently and is under construction.

Development of Sectors

Most of the blocks in B-17 have been completed except the yet remaining to be completed block D. Block G has been launched recently and is still underway for construction. Many projects have been initiated in the newly developed sector.  Block G has been launched in June this year and is almost ready for people to avail themselves this June. The housing project starting in the newly launched block is by the name of Multi Gardens.


There is an interesting fact about this particular sector that we have to be aware of. The multiple blocks in the sector do not all fall in the territory of B-17. The Block A of B-17 is in fact the sector A-17, block C is according to the sector layout actually is B-18 and similarly, block D is B-18, and block E and F are in reality the sectors A-19. The only block that is by the official layout in B-17 is Block B.  Since all the blocks are constructed by Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society so the entire area is considered and named B-17. The Capital Development Authority issued the No Objection Certificate to the society in 2008.

Payment Plans

Multi Gardens are located in the Block G of the sector B-17 near the Margalla hills and is a lucrative investment opportunity for investors. The payment plan for the newly launched project are as follows.

The housing scheme is offering plots of sizes 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla and 1 Kanal.



Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society is built a reputation from its projects for providing excellent facilities to its residents and the prevalence of natural beauty in the areas and sectors developed by the society is commendable.

 Here are some of the list of services of G block that will be provided to its residents.


The residents of the society founded by Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society have a facility of nearby mosques that are open at all times and equipped with facilities such as water, electricity for the ease of the attendees. The mosques are an aid for the residents to perform their daily prayers in the congregation and the daily issues of the community can be solved.

Underground electricity system:

The society in B-17 has an underground electricity system making it safe and easier for the residents as there will be no live or exposed wires that can be hazardous for the people and the damage to the cables would be minimum.

Community centers:

Residents will have an access to community centers for different discussions and events that can be arranged and enjoyed by people of the community. It offers a meeting point for the residents, a place where people will be able to socialize with all the residents of the area.

Boundary walls:

The entire Multi Gardens has a boundary wall surrounding the perimeter that differentiates the area from adjoining areas and gives a sense of safety and security to the residents of the Multi Garden residents.

Top educational institutions:

The Federal Directorate of Education has issued a No Objection Certificate to the entire sector which allows the builders of B-17 to plan and construct state-of-the-art schools and educational institutes for the ease of the residents. Soon all the leading schools will have a branch in B-17 and would be an aid to the residents of the area by providing educational institutes within reach.

World class restaurants:

The Multi Garden is not only planned as a residential area but it will also consist of commercial plots and plazas that would allow for brands and outlets to open businesses and the people would have world-class and re-known brands and restaurants in their vicinity.

  • 24/7 security of the Multi Gardens would prove to be a bonus for the residents.
  • Lakes are being constructed for the leisure of the people.
  • Park and play areas for the children and entertainment of the residents.
  • Other utilities like water and gas are made possible in the area by the Capital Development Authority.
  • Filtration Plant in the area will be a source of clean drinking water for the residents with ensured purity and safety.

B-17 is a developing and newer construction with modern technology and vision. The sector is a great investment opportunity for investors and a great place to live and build homes. It will be a beautiful place with natural scenery and grandeur facilities.

Why Invest in B-17?

As we all know B 17 Islamabad is one of the most successful projects or housing societies we have ever seen. The prices have increased by a huge margin. The location of the society is excellent and the quality of development is even more so.


One of the most promising features of B 17 is its location. B-17 is situated at a distance of a few minute’s drive from the New Islamabad International Airport making the sector a prime location for investment and residence. B-17 poses to be a great area for people of all communities can live with a sense of safety and security.

B 17 will have access from the main Margalla Road. Not only this but their plan for an interchange from the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway has also been approved. This interchange will provide access into the society from both the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and GT Road.

Development Rate:

Facilities such as water, gas, electricity, proper sewerage, and a serene atmosphere provide an ultimate living experience. The rate of development is high and the quality of infrastructure provided by the owners and developers is unmatched by any other society. All this makes B 17 the best place to invest in.

Great Investment:

Within just a year the prices of B 17 have almost doubled. People who invested in this community have got large amounts of profits within a year. If you want to invest anywhere B 17 should be on your list. The quality development and immense features mean that this society will always remain a profitable place to invest in.

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