A New Project is Coming Up By Chaudhary Majeed

The first project to be launched was based on the expectations of those individuals who had fresh confidence and trust in the vision, expertise, and command just on delivery of our CEO Ch. Abdul Majeed is Faisal Town. Approved by the RDA and completed with all of the necessary legal formalities, Faisal Town is located on Main Fateh Jang Road, N-80, close to the Tarnol Interchange on the M-1 Motorway in Rawalpindi.

There are two main entrance gates measuring 110 feet wide that have been created for Faisal Town. These gates show a unique blend of the Gandhara traditions and Mughal Architectural styles. First and foremost, we concentrate on satisfying our Customers’ architectural requirements and expectations.

Chaudhary Abdul Majeed has Launched a New Project named Faisal Town Phase 2

This project is put forward by Zedem International, a reputable and well-known real estate development company. The wonderful project, which is going to be released by the developers Soon, This project is going to develop as quickly as compared to the other projects of Zedem.


The residents of Faisal Hills enjoy a lovely and sophisticated quality of life. This project location will be between Chakri and Thalian Interchange region, which is regarded as Pakistan’s biggest industrial zone, and you may now have a lovely and excellent residence within the city of opportunity.

This housing society is a well-planned project that is surrounded by lush beauty and provides spectacular views which are clean and peaceful.

Owner & Developers:

This Project is going to be a one-of-a-kind affordable housing complex that is going to be established by Zedem International and its partners. The builders of this housing society, along with the support of a group of highly qualified industry professionals, conceived of and created this housing community.

Ch. Abdul Majeed, the Chairman of Zedem International, has direct experience in the fields of real estate development and team leadership.

NOC  OF This New Project:

This Project No Objection Certificate (NOC) will be authorized by the necessary development authorities soon. The authorization of a housing project paves the way for the expedited completion and extension of the project.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has given its stamp of approval, although the Local Organizational Plan is still undergoing review at this time.

Price Plan:

The Price of a 5-Marla Plot will be Approximately 24 to 26 lacs and the Down Payment will be 5.2 Lac.

  • The owner (Ch. Abdul Majeed)
  • Developers (Zedem)
  • Location (Between Chakri and Thalian)
  • NOC (Will be Approved as previous Projects)
  • Price 5-Marla (24 to 26 lac)

Projects Delivered By CH. Abdul Majeed

Faisal Town – Block A:

Block “A” has been entirely developed, and the majority of the plots are currently in private ownership. The building of homes is progressing at a rapid speed, and there are currently a significant number of people living in the society. In the city of Faisal, well-known construction firms including Red Sun Associates, Gillani Associates, Win Win Associates, and Tanveer Associates are hard at work building a significant number of residential and commercial properties, including flats, shopping malls, and villas.

Faisal Town – Block B:

Block B, which is prominently situated and borders the M1, is at the 100% delivery stage of possession, where many people have already begun building homes. We have so encouraged our clients to immediately take ownership of their properties and begin building the residences of their dreams.

Faisal Town – Block C:

Due to its special position and exceptional road system, Block C has become a specific subject of interest for all stakeholders and investors.

The value of this property is further increased by a future connectivity proposal with the Kashmir highway and the New Islamabad International Airport. A modern cricket stadium on a 60 Kanal-sized land plot adds not only to the importance of the C block but also to that of the entire Faisal Town, which has attracted even more interest from investors.

Faisal Hills (FH)

Incredibly Futuristic:

A residential haven that makes the most of the magnificent Margalla Hills and the region’s natural charm. In the vicinity of Islamabad, one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world and the most highly prized metropolis in Pakistan, Faisal Hills offers full ownership and luxurious living. Within a safe gated community in the center of the historic Gandhara Civilization, a distinctive fusion of contemporary culture and prosperous amenities.

Our team is committed to producing buildings and projects that exhibit cutting-edge vision and design, solid construction, and great project management abilities and have a positive, long-lasting effect on communities and organizations.

Executive Block

This block has easy access from the major GT Road and is a prestigious residential area next to Margalla Hills. Taxila City, the museums, and the area’s surroundings are all within close proximity to this block. Additionally, Executive Block offers huge high-rise projects with homes, offices, malls, and schools.

Block A

Faisal Town Pvt. Ltd developed a dynamic layout that is cohesive and intimate while also being distinct and defined for the various property sizes. Although A Block is already completely sold out, this block still has several intriguing features to offer residents and investors, including the major commercial heart of the society and a 225″-feet street.

Most importantly, this block was planned and developed in accordance with current development norms. For easy access to all amenities, streets in and surrounding this area must be at least 40 feet wide and up to 110 feet wide.

Block B

Block B is made up of stunning, lush green parks and grounds that offer inhabitants a space for social gatherings. It also has a garden with breathtaking views of the adjacent Margalla Hills.

Block C

In the primary residential real estate market, Block C has become the region’s most desired luxury residential address. A future access point to the CPEC route through the M-1 Motorways is planned for luxury residences, which also give beautiful views of the nearby Margalla Hills.

Faisal Margalla City (FMC)

Amplified Amenities

Margalla Hills is a region of Islamabad with fascinating views and exceptional beauty. Project Faisal Margalla City is for those who truly appreciate the environment. It is a secured neighborhood bordered by the lush Margalla Hills and B-17. This location is easily accessible via the main G.T. road N-5.

Payment Plans

We have created simple payment plans for the convenience of our valued clients. The payments have been designed to consider a wide range of income categories for our prospective esteemed clients. The following payment information can be seen:

Faisal Residencia (FR)

Proliferating Investments

Faisal Residencia (FR) is the name of a new premium residence. Tele Gardens Housing Scheme is situated in CDA Sector E-17 on the busy Fateh Jang Road (N-80) in Islamabad, next to the reputable sector F-17 (MPCHS).

A highly skilled group of engineers, architects, builders, and real estate experts is working diligently to provide a superior project that is simply ideal for living and expanding investments.

About Faisal Villas (FV)

Excellence and Elegance

A project that aspires to provide its residents with comfortable and luxurious living. Faisal Villas is without a doubt the greatest spot for those wishing to build their dream homes in top-notch shopping and entertainment areas with an emphasis on community and comfort. It combines manicured landscapes with exquisite interiors in perfect harmony for the best living experience.

Luxury villas with exquisitely designed living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms are available at Faisal Villas. These homes are incredibly opulent and appealing because to the skillful architects who created them. The project also offers to try to cut security and monitoring technologies. All of the villas are quake-resistant.

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